the most beautiful thing: obama

I have been inspired over the last few months about the opportunity we have to make a difference more than I ever have. I am heartened that many of my peers, the young professionals of the country, feel the same. Even my mother is excited! We all know that the executive position is only one in many cogs in Washington. Alone, our president can do nothing. Or can’t he?

Here’s something he can do nearly alone: lead. In the business world, there is a strong distinction made between “management” and “leadership”. Managing people is about overseeing strong systems that support work loads, seeing to organizational details, and making the structures that hold a team or company together as efficient as possible – that’s what a good manager does. A good leader, though, is someone who increases loyalty to the mission, motivates participation, and increases an employee’s personal sense of ownership in the organization. Isn’t that what we need most right now?

We must all get involved and though I am confident that Barack Obama has the skill and experience to help manage Washington well by taking the powerful executive seat and fostering cooperation with the Senate and Congress among others, I am even more confident that he can lead us well. In doing so, he will help us all to lead our economy and international standing out of the dregs,  strengthen family and environmental values, and bring our troops home safely. Because we’re all in this together, we need to create change together. There is no one better qualified or ready to take up the cause for our movement in the right direction than Barack Obama. 

I think this, one of the Obama | Biden campaign’s latest ads, shows a man who deeply cares, understands the issues and is ready to lead us. This is the kind of beauty we need in Washington come January 20, 2009. Hell, we’ve needed it for such a long time… and now’s our chance to have it!

Are you registered to vote? Visit to check, find out your polling place, etc. Please consider going “mail in” ballot so that nothing comes between you or your vote!

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 20, 2008.

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