the most beautiful thing: belly

Deep in there, under the hesitation and agitation of being in this human woman’s body, there is a well. It sinks deeper than the core and through the other side of the earth. It sinks and reaches, touches in and blesses. There are no boundaries, yet I hold it here, right here where my hand rests before pelvic bone, and it hums up here where hand rests before sternum and I am rich and intoxicated – swooning from the presence of a primordial gift. I say thank you and it says thank you back and we rest there tipping and spinning as if lost in a mutual tidal eddy. I have a visual of the fire tornadoes – the cyclones of flame that spin up from raging fire into the ether above. This is the warm blue sitting and cycling flame of forever and it starts here in my belly. It is the essence of beauty and sheer bliss. Here lives pure outrage and ecstatic love. Here dwells the beginning of man and woman alike. Here dances the song of Solomon and the chant of the mystics. Here, right here. A precious birthright. It is here that man and woman learn from, here that the ecstasy of union is drawn from, from here that if we listen closely enough, our buddha nature is brought to life. Brought to life. All is brought to life by the womb. All love, all elements, all beauty. Right here in my belly.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “the most beautiful thing: belly”

  1. Amen, Sista!!!

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