tmbt: open spot beside me

3:15 am. I am awakened at the apex of the full moon and still feel the pull of you, an absence here beside me. Is there enough room in me to let you slip in fully? I’ve been stirred so, the tides inside me welling up to meet the lunar in you and me and this bright glowing orb in between. I breath in the crystalline air around us and exhale as much love as I can… a lung capacity growing with the moments. Can a possibility this momentous be real and will it be lasting? These are the wonders and wishes that pump through me under the glow of her, La Luna, streaming still into my windows and heart. Joy. Abundance. Radiance. Passion. It’s all here to meet you. And meet you I shall… Tonight I dance to the song alone. Next time, it will be you here in my arms.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 15, 2008.

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