tmbt: harvest moon flowers

I woke early to a drizzling rain with a big smile on my face. I am feeling particularly buoyant in light of new beginnings and old things unwinding and yielding. I pulled myself up and straight out into the gray gray morning with my trusty green wool roll neck to keep me warm.

I nearly smelled them before I saw them, the moon flowers. Still full and gleaming in the cool dark morning, stretching and basking in the pull of this blessed Full Harvest Moon. I said a prayer and moved on past the rose bushes and sycamore trees to the river. More prayers said, I walked and walked, the fresh rain on my face.

The moon, a reflector of the light of the sun and the embodiment of the feminine, is today in Pisces and I am touched by it’s significance. The Harvest Moon, closest to the fall equinox, gives us ample light to continue our work… of the world, of the soul, and of the heart. Tonight, we can walk under the spell and tidal waves of a love greater than us and here long before our bones. May the pull of Piscean service sent us my our lunar mother bring us closer to the gifts we give and may the gifts we give mingle in the sun’s wisdom and be only a blessing to the world. A blessing to the world. A beautiful blessing.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 14, 2008.

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