tmbt: top ten right now

The top ten most beautiful things I’m looking at right now:

1. The green green leaves on Charybdis, my huge philadendron.
2. The light off of that gilded Indian salad plate. 
3. A set list from a recent show hung on my vision board.
4. The odd, windy arms of Wally, the little succulent I bought at the farmer’s market today.
5. The pot that Wally is living in made by the hands of Bunny, the woman who sold him to me. 
6. The large, warm, multi-colored fuzz of the shawl I wore tonight knitted for me by Virginia.
7. A lightly dancing couple of strings of capiz shells, the shells a gift from Nichole, strung my me a couple of years ago while living up in the mountains.
8. The cluster of glittered, wire-frame, ornaments hanging above my bed like dreamcatchers.
9. The funky, white shag rug in my bedroom as viewed from my couch.
10. My computer screen – a place of fun, connection, and expression.

~ by HeatherArtLife on September 8, 2008.

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