tmbt: late summer air

What is it about the late summer, pre-fall air that is so lovely? Is it the nostalgia of school clothes shopping and reuniting with friends after a long summer at camps and on family vacations, or just whittling away the hours in the woods with my dog? Is it the crisp promise of slowing down and rejuvenating as fall and winter are most naturally meant to do? Is it that wool roll-neck sweaters are my very favorite thing to wear in the whole wide world and fall promises ample opportunities to indulge in the meager luxury? Is it that cool weather prompts more cuddling and therefor carries a little electric charge of romance? Is it the tension between the old and dying and the new and exciting, the slowing of life outside and the increase of life as, again, related to a new school year and the imminent changing of the calendar post-ball-drop? Is it that the holidays are really only just around the corner and like Pavlov’s dog, I salivate for opportunities to share life and gifts with ease under the pretense of tradition as soon as the days begin to cool?

Last night, I left the pub and just bounced along the sidewalk in the cool cool 1 am air, my little summer jacket zipped up tight to my chin, hands buried in my pockets, and happy, so very happy. Happy for so many things, and right now simply delighted by the beauty that is the late summer air.

~ by HeatherArtLife on August 22, 2008.

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