tmbt: never forgotten ivory

I am playing piano. Notes, chords, all of it. In a small way, mind you, but playing nonetheless. What really makes this exceptionally beautiful is that I am playing for my own song, choosing chords, and notating them – I’m making my own song chart! I’ve been writing songs and singing for years and years, and have even released an album (check it out) but have never written my own charts. I’ve always paid someone else to do it. Well, I recently decided that THIS is the year that I really learn how to play for myself. A couple of nights ago, a new friend came over and game me a little brush-up lesson on keys and chords and all that jazz and now two days later I’m writing the chart! 

As a musician and writer, this is crucial and I’ve been sort of putting it off for so long! What really did it this week is that I finished a song that is very very personal and just needed to choose all the chords and write the chart myself – it demands it. Maybe the most beautiful thing is that a song can summon quick recognition, or at very least the deep inspiration required to cut through confusion in the time you can… well, tickle the ivories.

~ by HeatherArtLife on August 10, 2008.

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