the most beautiful thing: heat

It’s a good thing heat is beautiful because we’ve got a surplus of this kind of beauty in Boulder and Denver right now. Records are breaking out of the tops of thermometers as we stretch towards 24 consecutive days above 90* – very hot for this area. In fact, today it got up to 104* I hear. I felt it. It sucked the energy from my bones all week. But it also held me. In fact, there were times when I had to remind myself to roll down the windows or turn on the AC in the car. Now, it could have been heat exhaustion, sure, but it feels like something else.

It is the heat in our bones that makes us move, our blood flow, and our minds travel. Lots of systems are working in there, yes, but the heat we make is the life we exude. I think being held by the heat of the day – a heat that rises in mirage to hold our own – is a grace that is acquired, practiced even, an art. Like anything uncomfortable – a deep-tissue massage, a difficult conversation with a friend, getting a tattoo – the pain inherent is only as strong as our resistance to it.  A little ironic, but today in my heat-inspired stupor, I sort of gave in, relaxed, and almost didn’t even notice it was hot. It was like walking through the day in a warm sweater – all pilly and old and beautiful… a little scratchy, but just fine.

~ by HeatherArtLife on August 2, 2008.

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