the most beautiful thing: Anais

I’m reading one of the diaries of Anais Nin during a most beautiful part of my day… the moments right before I sleep. She’s luscious, brilliant, deep, passionate, and kind. There’s a funny kinship I feel with her, as if the ways she burns, yields, and thrives are of the same vein as mine. And I’m drawn to read her novels, though the style of the writing seems much different, just to get closer to her. Funny, her journals motivating me to buy her other works somehow made me think of them as a blog, posthumous, but a blog nonetheless that connects others to you… and gives them other things to find, either about you directly, or just things you love. Reading Nin’s “blog” makes me want to go find all of the things she thought was beautiful.

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 31, 2008.

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