tmbt: getting a foothold

I’ve written a little recently about troubles with my back. Well, yesterday I finally got in to see my osteopath and what was the bulk of my treatment? Two bones in my left foot. He carefully adjusted the bones, slowly, softly and whoooosh, this sweet rush of energy swiftly sifted up through my leg then spine. My little left foot. My neat little left foot. Today, I’m walking more firmly and my mind feels more grounded. And my back is better for the attention where it was put. 

It has me wondering. Can the smallest parts of me really spread a wildfire of positivity into all others? Will cleaning off that pile on my desk lighten the load of my entire career? Will just doing those couple of dishes make for a more restful sanctuary? Will bringing a small indecency to light in a friendship make my relationship life richer with all whom I love? Will tending to my feet help keep my entire body in balance? Possibly. Possibly. Possibly. Very possibly. And Probably. They say when a butterfly flaps its wings… So I’m off to buy a new pair of shoes!

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 30, 2008.

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