tmbt: coping with song

A week or so ago, I happened upon a man singing a driven, monotonous bunch of songs with the support of an amazing beat and rhythm at the Mile High Music Festival in Denver, CO. Clarence Greenwood aka Citizen Cope was performing and every time the cameras sent close-ups of his sweet, intense blue eyes up on the screen, something in me jumped a little. And the beat was infectious. I couldn’t not dance. The songs had so much depth that I ran out the next day and got a couple of his CDs. So far my favorites are from his first RCA release, The Clarence Greenwood Sessions and include Sideways and Bullet And A Target. I’m looking forward to more of his unique Brooklyn-born sound and knarly and beautiful lyrics. Here’s a taste of Citizen Cope live with Sideways acoustic:

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 29, 2008.

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