the most beautiful thing: slowly

I’ve been blogging about heartbreak and physical pain a lot in the last week because I’ve had a heaping helping of each recently. The thing that is most beautiful about today are the things that move slowly – a walk around the neighborhood with a friend, a new friend speaking English as a second (or third?) language, the mama duck with her three itty bitty ducklings this morning making their way upstream, the air transitioning from warm to hot to just cool enough to sleep, the way my rosemary is growing with the slightest lean into the sun, the incremental increase in energy I feel after days in bed, putting away the groceries one by one, overfilling and balancing out the fruit bowl just so…. the mending of a broken heart that leaves porcelain-like hairlines so that the new slant on light can be seen from inside and out – all of it, slow as can be. And beautiful.

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 15, 2008.

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