most beautiful thing: “ouch”

If you’re a gen-X child of the 70s/80s in the States like me, you probably remember the scene. Elliot is sucking snot up his nose in a that WAY-pre-Sandler red-hooded sweatshirt, dirty tears running down his eyes as he stares at a grotesque little alien who fit in so well with all the stuffed animals and made Drew scream her then-little NEARLY-pre-cocaine blonde head off. E.T. with that magic, glowing read finger that could heal small wounds in a single touch. Beautiful, that animatronic index-heart… today, I could use a little alien with a magic wand attached to his hand to touch my heart and say “I know” with his eyes and “ouch” with his little gremlin voice. Ouch. Beauty……… ouch.

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 8, 2008.

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