tbmt: deep space

I saw a beautiful video today that highlights the smallness of our world, our globe. The Hubble Deep Field is a series on images that the Hubble space craft took of pockets of “nothing” in the sky to reveal vast arrays of galaxies with stars (suns) that we’ve never seen before and which, for some astronomers and other star-gazers, confirms and renews the belief that life exists elsewhere, that planet Earth is not the only planet of billions within millions of galaxies that sustains life.

As we grow as an international community highly aware of different peoples living on different continents, in different countries, within different counties or territories, dwelling in different cities and villages, within different homes, retiring to our different rooms or places within a room, our minds expand. We know more and more now of ways of being that were never revealed to us, even those well-travelled, before the spread of the internet. We have such ready access to more than we believed life could be. Space is the next frontier. For many, it has been the next frontier for decades. For the rest of us, it may be just beginning.

I don’t know the slightest, nor do I have the smallest inclination of understanding, what life-after-interplanetary-communication will be like. Will life imitate the art of Star Trek or any one of the many space-oriented sci-fi films and series? Will we open our hearts or close our minds to the others out there? Will this opening frontier give us pause from the international warfare we wage on each other? Perhaps our views will expand so far that we will truly feel like neighbors with the citizens living on the opposite lines of latitude and longitude. Maybe.

This video, though slow-moving, shows so many beautiful images from space, including those of the Hubble Deep Field that has the astro-communities all a twitter. Enjoy the beauty!

~ by HeatherArtLife on July 3, 2008.

One Response to “tbmt: deep space”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful film. I felt very humbled watching it and inspired to greatness at the same time.


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