the most beautiful thing: cheese

The most beautiful grocery item I picked up this weekend was the ricotta salada I found this morning at Whole Foods. Though not nearly as beautiful as the queso fresco or panela I was craving, it is a nice, close, salty, fresh second. I’m too particular most days – a “foodie” living in the Republic of Boulder has such liberties to take freely – so almost getting what I wanted in that moment was a welcome compromise. In times like these, I think about how privileged I am… that I can stand in a non-war-torn country, have an endless supply of clean water to drink, work an amazing day job AND be fulfilling other dreams, have enough resources to shop at a high-end health food store and make a face at the deli guy about not having my cheese, and still walk away with just about everything I want. For a moment, I am happy, then the sadness floods me and I send a prayer, “May all beings be as fortunate as me. May they be free from suffering. May they be happy. May I never take for granted my good fortune and may I be a human that contributes to the reality of peace on this planet for all beings.” And I go home and put my groceries in the fridge and try to let my good fortune soften and ripen my heart so that I can be that much more open and compassionate to the world I live in… a world that ripples out into every corner of humanity in just a few short cascading circles. Maybe this is the way it will happen. Maybe it is gratitude that will light the world ablaze with a new fervor for peace and the joy of others. I wish for beauty in the life of others.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 29, 2008.

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