tmbt: movement

I’ve been noticing the beauty of movement a lot lately. I’ve often marveled at and drawn grand metaphors for life from the movement of water. Water naturally takes the path of least resistance rushing or drifting down stream, taking breaks in the eddies or resting in still lakes, rising to meet the warmth and the wind, hovering in levitation above us all, then falling with only the effort of its simply weight and nothing more back to the ground and ravines and upturned faces of children of all ages. Wind, too. Wind just follows the pack of fellow wind veering left, right, sideways, up, down, and any combination as is fit for that moment. Wind breaks rank and rushes to meet itself again and again. The body, in its most natural state just moves with ease to the next thing. The mind, too. When I am at ease and present, simply being and watchful of the organic cues, I am like the wind and the water, the earth below me, the fire driving. Today, my mind and voice and body just took invitations, said, “Yes, I’ll make that call… now,” and “Yes, I’ll walk with you to the kitchen… now,” and “Yes, it’s time to go say hello to him… now.” It was pretty easy and it was living simply defined by movement… with a little bit of beauty in every little, open step.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 25, 2008.

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