the most beautiful thing: water

Water. The originator of life, and apparently, according to a hot new documentary of the same name as seen at the Gaia Film Festival tonight, the historian as well. According to this film, water keeps track of us, of our world on all of it’s levels – structurally, emotionally, verbally. We’ve seen this documented in Masaru Emoto’s The Secret Life of Water as seen independently from and within the hit What the Bleep Do We Know? Water takes on t


he energy we give to it. When what we give to it is beautiful, there are few forms more beautiful than the crystalline shapes this loved water forms. What is the most beautiful, most purifying, most high-energy thought/word/feeling you can give to water? Two words: Love & Gratitude. Imagine what would happen to our minds and bodies (75 – 90% water) if we gave it’s H2O molecules more Love & Gratitude? Speaking for myself, I’d say my life would be much more… beautiful.



~ by HeatherArtLife on June 21, 2008.

One Response to “the most beautiful thing: water”

  1. I agree…water is the most beautiful physical thing on earth. It’s where life came from and where it returns.

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