tmbt: let it ride

Some of you reading this blog may know that I am a musician, a singer and songwriter. I recently released my first album, Under the Apple, a collection of jazz-based originals that slide into pop and soul pretty readily. I’ve started playing out a bit again after a long sebatical so-to-speak. i’ve been doing other things, building my career, and writing a lot of music. Well, I’m back at it and tonight was one of the first “band” rehearsals I’ve had in years. The rehearsal studio was pretty bare and acoustically bouncy and so was wreaking havoc on my ears, but there came a point, and perhaps always comes a point where I have to just let it ride… just open up the pipes and roll with it. Even in its raw, tonically quivering state, my voice holds a lot of power and magic for me. I feel very if not the most at home there. So, tonight, in the midst of chart-mayhem, I just let go and let it ride. The feeling was… well, beautiful, of course.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 19, 2008.

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