tmbt: wandering eye

There are a few men in my life. They seem to rotate in and out like planets orbiting… the sun? I am going to use that for now, with your pardon. Anyway, about these planets. One continues to elude me, lost to a country below the equator and a heart sunk even lower into loss. We’ll call him Pluto. Another is very close of body, but still elusive of mind, my friend Jupiter. There are so many others, but a lady never reveals how many, so… The third on my mind tonight, Mars, is the most elusive still. He has not shown himself yet. What else is there to say? The powerful, masculine, and closest to me has been waiting… for me to spot him? for me to be ready? for me to let go of the gravity of the others?

Slowly, I promise. Slowly, I seek. Slowly I watch as they turn, turn, spin, on so much ice with all their lace a flitting above the blades. I keep my eyes peeled for the deep red of his soul… as I pray he keeps his peeled for the shine of mine.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 18, 2008.

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