tmbt: only sister

I have one sister. To be exact, she is my half-sister from my mom’s first marriage. She is eight years older than me which means that I hit kindergarden when she hit puberty. Ouch. It was hard tagging after her, trying to be cool like her, and being older than I was because of her influence. In a lot of ways, my sister shaped a lot of my personality by association. She is tough, resilient, and beautiful. She is also lonely, terrified, and a little distant. I suppose I have those bits too, though in varying proportions to lots of other bits.

We don’t talk often, me and my big sister. Though we have a lot in common, and we both had a hard go of it growing up, she had it a whole lot worse, I think. Sometimes, I feel like the older sister. I guess that’s a little awkward for both of us, because we don’t like to be reminder via telephone too often.

Tonight, though, it was me who was the younger. I’ve got a few things to be proud of lately, and tonight I shared a few with my big sis and she was proud of her little sis. I have two younger brothers, too. Tonight, after talking to my only sister, I feel that beautiful tension between being a little sister and a big sister – and coming from a home that got us a little mixed up about all that, it’s a very nice, simple place to be.


~ by HeatherArtLife on June 17, 2008.

One Response to “tmbt: only sister”

  1. This post moved me…You are very talented!


    PS – please add me to all your mailing lists! 😉

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