tmbt: widening perspective

I have a dear friend that hasn’t been a big part of my daily life for a while. I took space and space spread to several calendar pages and seasons changed. Last night I realized that though our lives aren’t really conducive to spending time together, mine is the better for having connected with her. Though things have gotten quite tangled and unworkable many times over, these tangles are not the point… just the messy dressing around the point. The point is the moment when a special something in her and a special something in me reached out from the abyss and held on for dear life for a while, sometimes a minute, sometimes months on end. Though I’ve spent plenty of time ruing the days we couldn’t make it work, blaming, or resenting, I now have the luxury of seeing the beauty. Beauty in this life is a matter of perspective. I am glad that in the case of our friendship, mine has widened. Because the beautiful parts leave a much nice, softer mark than the confused, mangled ones.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 13, 2008.

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