tmbt: the light upstream

The most beautiful thing I saw today was the light dancing on the upstream creek water. Situated on a boulder in the middle of the water, I read Miranda July and watched the birds washing themselves on the creekside. I realized, after time well-spent today letting myself remember childhood unpleasantries and near-horrors, that sometimes, if I look with the right frame of mind, that looking back where I came from can be a good thing, a beautiful thing. Sitting right here, in the present not reaching for the next eddy, I can just relish in what was right, pure, loved. Often I like to sit facing downstream feeling the light wind on my back and the current’s pull on my bones, usually in early day when the sun is on my face. Today, the sun was on my face and it was approaching evening instead, the water rushing or drifting or swirling towards me. I suppose that made the difference, the time. Sometimes the light upstream is the most beautiful… at the right time.

~ by HeatherArtLife on June 11, 2008.

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