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This is the new home for the blog entries that used to be posted on Beauty Becomes Us. The Most Beautiful Thing will have regular notings of beauty, and so will my newsletter. If you want to join my newsletter, send an email to It will be 1-2x/month and include lots of “most beautiful” things, prose poetry, things I’m excited about, and music news. You can find out more about my music at

Here’s the archive from Beauty Becomes Us:

January 5, 2008
The Most Beautiful Thing: Aditi Smile
The most beautiful thing I saw today was Aditi smile. A friend of far-away travels and close-knit heart, Aditi is a woman of sheer shine – the kind of thing that happens to glow when she dreamily adores her subject. Aditi is the face of kindness atop a body of grace in front of a mind of wonder and peace.


I saw Aditi married to Jay last month on their shared birthdays. Two bright stars fell back into constellation on their way to that day. I am glad to be a beholder of such beauty. 

December 31, 2007
The Funniest Thing: A B C
The funniest thing I heard today was: “Could you pretty please tell me how you got from A to C WITHOUT OPENING UP YOUR EYES AS YOU PASSED THROUGH THE TOWN OF B!”

December 29, 2007
The Most Beautiful Thing: Old Souls Upward
The most beautiful thing I saw today was a photo of an old friend and brief lover on a political website. He is now the majority floor leader for the democratic party in my home state. I remember when he told me he was running for a state office and well, he sure did it! This comes on the heels of feeling renewed ambition for all the things I am looking forward to in my life: health, love, wealth, recognition, service… I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a long time. Am doing a lot on the outside – great job, album recording project in progress, great friends, a lot. But I’ve been in a bit of a state of dread for a while for a lot of good reason. The good reasons don’t mean a lot throughout the day, though, so my new motivation is such a refreshing change. I’m cleaning. I’m getting bills in order. I did my nails. I’m looking up old friends I haven’t seen in years (like my aforementioned politician friend).

Seeing people with whom I shared exciting times, humble beginnings, and much joy succeeding and seemingly very happy is such a nice pick me up. The beauty in my friend’s face is surely a reflection of accomplishing something he set out to do. With New Years just two days a way, I have a few resolutions to cement on my way to the same beautifully accomplished dreams smile. What are your old friends doing?

December 20, 2007
The Funniest Thing: Mohair Mothball Madness
The funniest thing I smelled today was… yep, that’s right, mohair in mothballs. Where does my sister find these things? She and my mother are compelled (if not addicted) to estate sales. I can only assume that when Elsa, my older half-sister from my mother’s first marriage, was looking for something to wrap the hilarious group of Christmas presents in for safe FedEx travel to my office today, she surely thought, “Oh! Perfect! I’ll give her that orange and brown mohair lap blanket we found at old dead spinster Ms. Potter’s estate sale last summer! Ooh, is she going to love it!” Yep. Love it. 

December 19, 2007
The Most Beautiful Thing: Il Ristretto Veleno
The most beautiful thing I heard today was, “You might see me there.” My magically gifted cranial sacral osteopath says a lot of great things to me. Today, we were talking about how poisonous coffee is – toxic, acidifying, all-around-bad, yummy coffee. We agreed (while my head was in the oddly-pleasant vice of his hands), both by experience mind you, that the baristas around the corner at Ozo in Boulder are pretty talented. Me, I like a good Schizo Ristretto Whole Milk Latte or Americano. He’s a Double Lungo Soy Mocha kinda guy. We each only partake occasionally. I just seem to find more occasions to celebrate with bean juice than he does. While I do know I should give up the habit, or at least the frequency with which I indulge it, it’s nice to know that another body-mind conscious person – one who also knows the havok coffee reeks on the bod and brain – is human this way, too. I also just like to be “met”… anywhere. When I’m met by him, it’s usually on the table mid-breakthrough. It’d be fun to adjust to the somatic memory of that while in line ordering delicious bitter-sweet poison, too. 








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